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BRDisc 1BR1: Mind the GapBR2: You're the BossBR3: Don't Bank On ItBR4: You Sexy ThingBR5: Treat Me BadBR6: Punishment-reward RelationshipBR7: Living in the PastBR8: Everybody Works So HardBR9: Only (A Prawn in Whitby)BR10: BB CUDn't CBR11: (I'm The) Urban SpacemanBR12: Epicurean's AnswerBR13: Slack TimeBR14: I've Had It With BlondesBRDisc 2BR1: You're the BossBR2: Van Van VanBR3: Mind the GapBR4: Make No BonesBR5: Don't Bank On ItBR6: You Sexy ThingBR7: Vocally SpeakingBR8: Wobbly JellyBR9: Price of LoveBR10: Starry EyesBR11: Mind the GapBR12: Only (A Prawn in Whitby)BR13: Pink FlamingoBR14: Down DownBR15: Purple Love BalloonBR16: SlipawayBRDisc 3BR1: Robinson CrusoeBR2: Hey BootsBR3: PossessionBR4: ProfessionBR5: Oh No Won't DoBR6: Purple Love BalloonBR7: Sometimes Rightly Sometimes WronglyBR8: EasyBR9: Pink FlamingoBR10: Strange Kind of LoveBR11: No SmokingBR12: Through the RoofBR13: NeuroticaBR14: The Mystery DeepensBR15: SlipawayBR16: Ski BumBR17: One Giant Love (Acoustic)BR18: Like a Virgin (Acoustic)BR19: Only (A Prawn in Whitby)BR20: Love in a Hollow TreeBR21: The Dream Is Killing MeBRDisc 4BR1: Rich and StrangeBR2: Waving and DrowningBR3: Strange Kind of LoveBR4: The Mystery DeepensBR5: Love in a Hollow TreeBR6: Robinson CrusoeBR7: Purple Love BalloonBR8: PossessionBR9: SlipawayBR10: EasyBR11: Through the RoofBR12: Eau WaterBR13: Hey BootsBR14: Ski BumBR15: Vocally SpeakingBR16: My Need to HurryBR17: One Giant LoveBR18: I've Had It With Blondes