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beroemd Gift Your Wife Sleek Vintage Glass Pendant Black Velvet Cord Necklace EriYpy9s

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The Dainty Vintage Acrylic Glass Pendant Stunning in its own looks with Black velvet cord necklace set make it jsut fabalous & fantabolous to wear. This is sleek sophisticated & inexpensive affordable jewelry which is all time party wear & a beautifull package for Bridemaid gift too. The Acrylic glass crystals & Black velvet cord necklace add all charms & beauty to your whole asthetics A rare ultimate combination covering all the essentials for making you smartest & beautifull. This is a stunning jewelry which Add a dash of chic & elegance & refined .All time Festive with all the outfits A DAZZALING package .<br><br><b>Material :</b> Sleek & Dainty Rhodium Chain Necklace with a pendant in Prism shape in black color<br><b>Color :</b> Orange<br><b>Necklace Length :</b> 15 inches long with 2 1/2 inches extension<br><b>Pendant Length :</b> 1 1/2 inches long & 1 inch wide<br><br><b>Guarantee :</b> 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelry